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About Convex Logic

Convex Logic is the business name under which I, David Johnson, do all of my business arrangements under. The name came about because I like to analyze and interpret pretty much anything and everything with logic and reason. Thus the 'Logic' part of Convex Logic. I like to also think outside the box, to think about things a little differently and to push the bounds of what we know and understand. Convex means having a surface that curves or bulges outward so in a way Convex Logic means to put outward the boundaries of what we know and understand by using logic and reasoning.

About David Johnson

David is highly intelligent and highly analytical and is driven by a desire to solve problems and to expand our level of understanding of everything around us. For example, a large part of his work life has been to study the relationship between weather patterns and air pollution while away from work he is driven by love of hockey and has created the largest database of advanced hockey statistics on the internet. This strong desire to analyze and understand, combined with a strong desire to meet and exceed expectations of others, is what drives David to success.

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