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David Johnson

Career Profile


I have over 15 years of experience in software development, data analysis and atmospheric pollution research. Over the past 11 years I have worked as an independent contractor operating as Convex Logic. During this time I primarily worked on contracts with Environment Canada conducting data analysis and research to further our understanding of the relationship between meteorology and air pollution levels across Canada. The results of my work have been published in leading scientific journals and internal Environment Canada reports and have been used in both the development and evaluation of public policy.

Previously I have held full time positions as a software developer for a small software consulting company (Macadamian Technologies Inc.) and a large computer hardware company (ATI Technologies Inc., now AMD Inc.) where I primarily developed device drivers and utility software for Linux and UNIX operating systems.

Technical Skills







SAS and R Statistics Software

Microsoft Office





Self Employed, Convex logic, Ottawa, ON

October 2002-Present

  • Completed numerous contracts with Environment Canada in the area of air pollution data analysis and research.
  • Specialized in researching source-receptor relationships and how weather and air flow patterns influence air pollution levels across Canada.
  • Developed SAS routines to generate annual summary reports of air pollution measurements data from hourly data stored in Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Developed air flow clustering software to identify most frequently occurring weather patterns and investigated connection between weather patterns and air pollution (primarily ozone and particulate matter) levels across Canada.
  • Conducted data analysis on observed and modelled mercury concentration data to assist in mercury dry deposition model evaluation.
  • Analyzed elevated air pollution events in western Canada to determine the cause (anthropogenic, forest fire, etc.).
  • Authored or co-authored several research papers published in leading atmospheric science journals and authored reports for internal Environment Canada use.
  • Results of my research have been used in developing and evaluating public policy and regulations.
  • Wrote custom data analysis software in FORTRAN and C primarily in a UNIX/Linux environment.
  • Have developed and maintain the largest database of advanced hockey statistics on the internet at stats.hockeyanalysis.com.

Software Developer, Macadamian Technologies Inc., Ottawa, ON

September 2000-June 2002

  • Worked as part of a small software development team developing Linux, Windows and Mac device drivers and utility software for a client.
  • Developed software in C and C++ for Linux and Mac.
  • Took on a project lead role and became the technical point of contact for the client.

Software Engineer, ATI Technologies Inc. (now AMD Inc.), Thornhill, ON

January 1999-August 2000

  • As a member of the Developer Relations team I liaised with third party developers to assist them in developing software products that maximized the power of ATI's graphics chipsets.
  • Developed graphics device driver software for SCO Unix, AIX, and Linux operating systems.
  • Acted as a technical point of contact for the Linux open source community.
  • Attended several trade shows and conferences to meet with 3rd party developers and promote ATI products.

Programmer/Data Analyst (contract), Environment Canada, Downsview, ON

March 1997-December 2008

  • Utilized my software development skills to write programs to perform data analysis and research.
  • Researched source receptor relationships through analysis of air flow patterns.
  • Results of my research assisted in developing public policy and published in leading scientific journals.
  • Developed data analysis software in FORTRAN and C.

Associate Software Engineer, ATI Technologies Inc. (Now AMD Inc.), Thornhill, ON

June 1996-March 1997

  • Developed device driver and utility software in MS DOS and SCO UNIX.
  • Was contracted by ATI Technologies Inc. in December 1997 to maintain SCO UNIX graphics driver.



University of Waterloo

Honours Co-operative Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science, 1997

Worked three co-op work terms with Environment Canada, one with ATI Technologies Inc. and two with Kellogg Canada.



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