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Software Development

Some of the software development services I can provide include:

Device Driver Development
Convex Logic has extensive experience developing graphics, multimedia and network device drivers for Linux, SCO UNIX, AIX, Windows, and Macintosh. If you need a driver developed, we can get the job done.
Application Development
Convex Logic has experience developing utilities and applications for a variety of computing platforms including UNIX, Linux, Windows and MacOS. Whatever your software development need is, Convex Logic can help.
Linux/Open Source Development
The buzz around Linux and the Open Source movement may have subsided over the past year or so but Linux certainly hasn't gone away. Whether you want an application ported to Linux or your latest piece of hardware supported under Linux Convex Logic is there to help you.
Testing and Debugging
As experienced software developers we understand the challenges of testing and debugging in the face of a tight deadline. Sometimes you simply need an extra set of eyes to track down a troublesome bug or an extra tester to ensure your software works flawlessly. Convex Logic excels at quickly isolating a problem and developing a solution even in a large code base we have never seen before. We thrive on the challenge of tracking down a hard to find bug.

For more information send an e-mail to . We look forward to serving you.

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